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Tech Forum Rules 18 Jun 2007 21:10 #150765

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First, Have you read the forum rules? If not, Please do so. Here's a link to the Rules

Even though you already read the rules, I'd like to review a few fine points.

1) Don't cross post! Find the forum that you think best suits your topic and post away. If we think that there's a better match we'll move the thread. If you cross post your topic and folks answer in two or more forums, those answers will be lost when we remove the inappropriate thread.

2) Search First! Has your question been answered before, perhaps multiple times? If you don't get any results from your search have you reviewed the articles and filebase? After you've reviewed these resources you may still have questions or you may have a different aspect of the topic you wish to discuss. Now that you've reviewed the file base, searched for previous threads and read the articles, we're all better prepared to discuss your topic, Go ahead and post.

3) When adding to another member's thread please stay on topic. That's not to say that a brief aside isn't appropriate but, about faces, left turns and different topics deserve their own threads. As usual, good judgment is the essence here.

4) It's not always necessary that we agree. If you don't agree, Say So! Respectfully!!! If the disagreement is becomes a personal argument, take to U2U's. If in your U2U's you solve all the world's problems, bring it back to the thread so we can all learn something.

5) Put the model and year of your bike in your signature line, or include that info every time you post a question. Doing so will save countless requests for more information.

6) Put your location in your signature line, maybe a member close to you would be willing to provide a hand, without posting your location you will never know.

Lastly, Information provided in the Tech Forums is provided at no cost and no guarantee that it is correct, so evaluate it and make your own decision, you are responsible for anything that you screw up, no one else. The Moderators are here to enforce civil behavior, "NOT" to ensure technical correctness of every post. It's your rearend on that bike, so evaluate information and don't take for granted that it is correct.

Welcome to KZR's Tech Forums!
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