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TOPIC: Went down yesterday

Went down yesterday 03 Oct 2018 03:53 #791751

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When I got my first bike we always rode in formation, it was a tight nit group of about a dozen guys and we never had any problems
Later on when everyone and their brother started riding that fell apart.
My wife and I will ride like that on occasion but mostly staggered
Always staggered with other riders and I either like to lead or be the tail guy.
78 KZ1000 A2A

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Went down yesterday 03 Oct 2018 06:18 #791755

  • slmjim+Z1BEBE
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Looked like the bike in front lane-right is an old BMW with drum brakes? Guessing that BMW(?) operator was maybe braking early out of an abundance of caution, knowing the old BMW brakes are relatively weak. Still, he dropped too far back from the group for no obvious reason earlier in the vid.

The motorcycle operator behind you lane-right that hit the BMW from behind was generally following too close to you and, therefore, the BMW in front of him.
Rookie mistake.
He was likely not scanning far enough ahead to see what was developing.
Rookie mistake.
It looks like there was plenty of room on the shoulder for the motorcycle operator behind you lane-right to avoid the BMW by veering to the right. Lack of attention and/or target fixation might have led him to try to thread the needle between you and the BMW.
Rookie mistake.

If the motorcycle operator behind you lane-right had veered right instead of left between you and the BMW most or none of this would have happened.

Admittedly it's easy to dissect & armchair quarterback an incident after the fact; we weren't there, and cannot say with certainty how we would have reacted. This vid does, however, offer lessons that can make us all safer, more experienced Riders.

The very basic basics of what we've read re: group riding in various publications over the years have much in common:
Staggered formation.
Two seconds +2/-0 following distance behind the bike directly in front of you.
One second +2/-0 behind the bike diagonally across the lane from you.
No Bluetooth cell calls. It can wait. That's what voice mail is for.
Don't let pride or testosterone weigh down the throttle hand.
Scan as far ahead as you can see.
Ride your own ride. Don't follow the bike ahead of you into trouble. In other words, if I make a mistake and you blindly follow me into trouble & land on top of me, I'm gonna be pissed!

Good Ridin'
slmjim & Z1BEBE
A biker looks at your engine and chrome.
A Rider looks at your odometer and tags.

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Went down yesterday 03 Oct 2018 07:01 #791757

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Spot on slimjim!
One hundred percent agree with everything you stated.
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Went down yesterday 03 Oct 2018 09:12 #791770

  • jayrodoh
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Joe, saw your post over on XJ forum too. Sorry to hear this but glad you and the others are mostly okay. Bikes can be fixed. I got hit in the rear by another member on a group ride, similar scenario he was following too close and I braked to make a right and he hit me hard in the rear. I managed to keep it up but he high sided pretty hard. Tim and I got his bike functional while he took some Tylenol and recovered for about an hour but we all got home.
1982 KZ750-M1 CSR
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