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TOPIC: anyone know the valve shim size for a kz550?

anyone know the valve shim size for a kz550? 8 years 4 months ago #233670

  • kawsakiman
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my service mananger's son got a 550 for free last year.
after payind a local dealership almost $300 to clean the carbs ( tk ) he finally decided to ask me for help.
a year ago i told him to send the carbs to wg but now it's my job to do them.
dealership straight up robbed him.
still nasty inside, all they did was install his rebuild kits he got from z1 ( he at least did listen to me on where to buy parts )
the thing would only run on choke and i learned from my time here that the pilots must be the problum.
3 out of 4 were plugged. no bench sync, float heights or nothing.

sorry, i was rambling a little there.

i told him there is no way to get this bike running great without doing valve lash.
i have a ton of shims for the 650 ( 13mm )

are they the same for a 550?

i have told him about this sight and offered to take pictures for him but he is going back to college next week and is in hurry up mode right now.

he's a good kid and i really want to help him out here.
i just need to know if my shims will work or should i measure and then order?
i've got a nice tray of almost 200 different under bucket shims but that means nothing if they don't fit.
i don't want to pull the cams just to find out i can't finish it that day.
lord knows i have enough of my own projects in the garage.

i'm looking for the experts for help.
all i know is 650's and 900's or bigger.
someday i will be able to afford my kz habit.
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anyone know the valve shim size for a kz550? 8 years 4 months ago #233678

  • Skyman
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I helped a co-worker do an "engine refresh" on an '82 550-C3 that I found for him. It had 13mm shims.
West Linn, OR
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anyone know the valve shim size for a kz550? 8 years 4 months ago #233721

  • harm
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  • Tom
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I looked on and a 1980 550 has the same shim part#'s as the 1980 650. I would assume all the 550's and 650's are the same.

Looks like your all set!
Holland, MI

1980 KZ550 ELR

1987 ZL1000 Eliminator

1973 350 triple
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